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Limo Rental Prices 101: How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo?

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Limos are among the oldest vehicles used for traveling and have been used to this day. Whether in the 1700s or 1900s, they were used every time.

However, limo rental prices have increased significantly. People now plan their journey if they want to travel in a limo. After all, everyone likes to travel in comfort and style and nothing is better when you get a limo in your budget.

Many people need help finding a suitable cheap limo service Chicago that fits their budget and fulfills their requirements.

So, in this blog, we will delve into the limo rental pricing details. It will involve how much you must spend hiring a limo for a day.

We will also discuss the average cost of the limo rental service and how you can get an affordable service. Travel in style and sophistication to have a memorable experience.

Whether for a wedding, corporate event, or party, limo rental services are just a call away. All you need is a good budget.

How Much to Rent a Limo for a Day?

Countless people wish to hire a limo, but they often find the cost too high. They do not know the real price and want to know the approximate rates. So, in this blog, we will discuss the factors that decide the price of a limo rental for a day.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle contributes to the final rates you will get to hire a limo for a day. If you choose the latest model vehicle, the estimate will be higher. The sedans may range from $50 to $150 per hour, where you can take up to 4 passengers. In addition, stretch and SUV limos may range from $75 to $250 and $100 to $300, respectively.

Rental Duration

The limo rental cost depends on the duration of your ride, which refers to the number of hours. For a far destination, the rental cost becomes high because of the ride duration. So, make sure to have a rough idea of the ride duration already. It will decide your final cost for the limo rental, and you will get a priceless experience.

Distance and Route Preference

The more the distance of your route, the high will be the prices of your service will be. More to this, route preference also plays a crucial role as the shorter routes take little time to complete, unlike longer routes. Regardless of the time, the rates will be high if you opt for a longer route due to safety concerns.

Special Facilities

If you wonder how much is it to rent a limo, the answer is the rates are flexible. They may vary based on the special facilities included in your service. Those facilities may involve entertainment systems, mood lighting, and unique interiors. If you have a good budget, you may acquire these facilities.

Time of the Year

The time of the year is also a primary factor in deciding the limo rental cost. However, the cost may fluctuate due to seasonal demand. You may get higher rates in peak times such as prom season, holidays, and weddings. The best you can do to hire a limo on a limited budget is to book it before the season starts.

What Is the Limo Rental Cost per Hour?

What is the average limo rental cost per hour? Since the price may vary due to the type of vehicle you choose, there can be a rough approximation. If you choose a sedan, the prices may range from $50 to $150 per hour. It may vary from $75 to $250 per hour if you choose a stretch limo. However, SUV limos may cost you $100 to $300 per hour.

Besides this, certain factors also play a vital role in finalizing the price of a limo rental per hour, which we have mentioned below.


In rental services, everything revolves around location. However, the cost may vary from city to city or region. If you are living in smaller towns, the rates might be low, unlike the big and busy cities like New York or Chicago. If you live in a big city, you may have higher rates for a limo rental service.

Special Events

Events such as weddings, proms, corporate functions, and private parties often require special protocol. Therefore, limo rental prices may vary due to the peak season and high demand. The best you can do is book your ride in advance and stay flexible to save the hassle.

Additional Services

If you have any additional services from your service provider, they may cost you more. These services also come with comfort and a memorable traveling experience. Some limo rental service providers also offer packages to reduce the cost for their valuable customers.

Day & Time

Day and time are also vital factors in finalizing the limo rental cost. If you hire a limo for the weekend and during peak hours, get ready for high rates. Unlike this, you may get minimum or feasible rates if you hire a limo on weekdays. Due to the rush and demand, the average limo rental cost is often too high.

Driver Tip

Tips are always the motivation and mood booster. It is also said that chauffeurs often depend upon the tips they get. So, feel free to give the tip to your chauffeurs as much as you want. Otherwise, give at least 15% to 20% of the total rent. Make sure to add this also in your budget while preparing for a limo rental.

How Can You Find an Affordable Limo Rental Service?

Limo comes with luxury and comfort while it provides comfort and convenience. You must not mind spending a few more pennies for the limo rental cost per hour. However, some people have a low budget and need help to afford a high-end limo service. So, we have gathered some of the tips here to give them access to the most suitable option.


Research is the key to choosing the best service. If you want an affordable limo rental service, research the service providers available in your city or region. You will easily find a service with your desired budget.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time always helps, as it saves the eleventh-hour hassle. If you have a wedding, party, or corporate event, you better book your ride. Get the final personal driver cost beforehand to ensure convenience for later.

Be Flexible

When it comes to limo rental, you have to be flexible about your budget. The best approach is to get a limo rental service during off-peak and off-rush hours. This can help you save a good amount on the total cost.

What to Expect When Renting a Limo?

Everyone wishes to travel in luxurious, comfortable vehicles. Many people even pay high limo rental cost to have a service like that.

When it comes to a convenient traveling service, what option can be better than a limo? There are various options available for limo transportation. Stretch limos are perfect for larger groups, while SUVs are ideal for comfortable and spacious experiences.

However, several factors contribute to the average limo rental cost, such as the type of vehicle, ride duration, and route preferences.

Other factors include opting for additional preferences, specific requirements, rush hours, and weekend bookings. So, book your rides early to have one of the most memorable traveling experiences of your life.