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Chauffeur vs Driver: Which One You Need to Choose

Chauffeur vs Driver

Everyone likes to be surrounded by the luxury and comfort that only a Limousine can offer. On the other hand, you could also look for a regular car service when you have to cater to day-by-day commutes or go to casual locations. If you are trying to find a luxury car service in Chicago, we will help you.

Often, we need to distinguish between a chauffeur and an ordinary driving force. So, we want you to understand that there is a vast distinction between an informal driver and a chauffeur.

When it comes to transportation, people have distinctive possibilities. Some people even settle for a low-level vehicle, while others like to choose a top-notch vehicle with the whole protocol.

However, their possibilities vary based on the occasions they have to attend.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail the dos and don’ts of using transportation services and differentiate between driver and chauffeur.

What is a Chauffeur?

Chauffeurs are professionally trained to provide a superior level of service and hospitality. They are typically associated with luxury transportation services, where they drive high-end vehicles such as limousines or provide private car services.

They undergo specialized training to provide people with a safe and efficient driving experience and memorable customer service.

From opening doors to providing assistance with luggage, a chauffeur goes above and beyond to cater to the needs and preferences of their passengers and make them feel at ease in every possible way.

Moreover, most people ask what do chauffeur wear. The answer is that they have a specific dress code that sets them apart from the others.

What is a Driver?

On the other hand, a driver’s duty is to let passengers travel from one place to another. Drivers are not required to undergo training and are free to choose any route they want.

They may also not offer the same level of attention or services that a chauffeur driver would provide. Their primary focus is on driving proficiency rather than providing a premium experience.

Besides this, drivers are not courteous and professional. They are fully focused on completing the rides and providing safe and timely journeys. Furthermore, you can easily find drivers anywhere, from taxi services to ride-sharing platforms.

Common Differences Between a Driver and Chauffeur

Now that you know drivers and chauffeurs are different, it is time to know the common differences between them. If you want to know the major differences between who a driver is and who a chauffeur is, go through the below-mentioned aspects.




Level of Service

Drivers provide an ordinary level of service where they are not bound to follow any rules.  Chauffeurs, on the other hand, provide a high level of service, and they are bound to show empathy and maintain composure.


You may hire drivers for your casual meetups, daily commutes, and visits. You can hire chauffeurs for your special events airport transfers and VIP services.


You do not need to set a big budget for hiring the drivers. While hiring a chauffeur, you must know that they may cost you more than a usual driver.


If you go for chauffeur vs driver, you will know the drivers do not need to have training. A chauffeur is well trained with the right extent of empathy and also provides assistance with things.

Dress Code

Drivers do not have a certain dress code or uniform. Chauffeurs have a particular dress code that they have to follow at all costs.

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of a driver is to help people reach and arrive at their destination safely. On the contrary, a chauffeur has the responsibility to cater to their passenger’s issues.


There is no need to have specific qualifications to start driving. A chauffeur driver must be qualified enough to start providing the service.


When you hire drivers, they provide services in usual and ordinary vehicles. When you hire a chauffeur, you also get the most luxurious vehicles to travel in.

Apart from all the facts and aspect screening, one thing you must always remember is to treat your driver and chauffeur well. The standard tip for limo driver is typically around 15-20% of the total fare. So, make sure to treat your drivers and chauffeurs accordingly.

Chauffeur vs Driver: Which One Do You Prefer?

There are various factors that you have to look up to when you choose between a driver and a chauffeur. So, we have listed some of them for you to have a look at and reflect on what you need to choose.

Besides the basic factors, it also has to do with the kind of service you want to have. If you want to have a private or personalized service then hiring a chauffeur would be the perfect option otherwise you may hire a driver.

Meanwhile, if you are struggling to choose a transportation service, you do not need to look further. We have made things easier for you by providing you with various aspects to consider when selecting a chauffeur vs driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Personal Driver Called?

Personal drivers are called private chauffeurs. They might have less courtesy, but their role is to provide safe and secure transportation to their passengers.

What Is the Responsibility of a Chauffeur?

A chauffeur is responsible for driving the passengers to and from their destination in a comfortable environment, meet and greet, assist the passengers with their luggage, and let them enter and exit with their assistance.

What Is a Limo Driver Called?

A Limo driver is called a professional chauffeur whom people hire for their special events and meetings to save the hassle and travel with utmost comfort and peace.